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birth labor dad crying new lifebirth photography review salem oregonA beautiful review on Salem Oregon wedding and birth photographer Mellissa.

Mellissa is a Salem, Oregon birth photographer who loves to capture the essence of the birthing experience. These photos are priceless. They document a time in your life that will show your strength, love, joy, and pain all in one experience. How amazing will it be for you to not only tell your child about their birth experience, but be able to show them their birth experience? They'll be able to have tangible and real memories of this wonderful day for years to come. To see the way their mom cried with joy at holding them for the first time, the way their dad looked at them with pride and love, the way his/her parents worked together to get mom through her laboring experience.

It's a wonderful time, and one so wonderful as this, should be documented. Enjoy every moment. Capture it.

If you or someone you know is going to be giving birth in the Salem, McMinnville, Silverton, or surrounding area, contact Mellissa today for more information. She'd be happy to have a no obligation consultation with you to discuss birth plans and to see if she is a right fit for your birthing experience.
Mellissa is a proud member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.

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