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It's your wedding; do what you want | Salem, Oregon wedding photographer | Showcase you

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Wedding dress Salem OregonWedding dress Salem OregonWedding dress hanging at wedding in Salem, Oregon

So, it may seem ironic to you that today’s blog may be a little bossy about not paying attention to blogs, or family, or friends, or anyone else that may infringe on your pre-wedded bliss.


Let me elaborate, while various input can give you a broad view on the current trends in weddings, and can be a great source of inspiration- they are only opinions and shouldn’t be used to dictate what you feel your wedding “should” be. Maybe it’s your overbearing mother-in-law, or your best friend from 4th grade, or an esteemed wedding planner offering you guidance, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.

I encourage you to not get weighed down by the superfluous noise that is everyone else’s input. Whether or not your audience understands, approves, or appreciates it, is no business of yours. We all know the squeal that emits from our loved ones when they hear we are getting married… “Oh! I am so excited for you!” which is typically followed by “I know the BEST caterer!” or… “You should totally plan a summer wedding!” or even “You’re not going sleeveless, are you? I feel like an off white lacy, long sleeved gown would suit you best!”


Of course they mean no harm, and they really do have the best of intentions- however, they can implement all these great ideas into their own wedding.

Happy bride smiling in Salem, OregonHappy bride smiling in Salem, OregonA happy bride on her wedding day giving the camera a big smile. Wedding location was in Salem, Oregon

As a wedding photographer here in Salem, I do love putting up informative blog posts about what I have seen or appreciate as a jumping off point for brides who are planning their wedding. Oohing and aahing over the latest Marchesa creation can be such a delightful way to pass the time, but ultimately, tuning into your very own vision of loveliness, however that looks to you, is going to ensure that your day is beyond memorable.


Some of the most amazing weddings have centered around a thought or theme that is special to the bride and groom. This could be as specific as an ode to the first place they met, or memorable event in their life, or as broad as a theme or genre that they both enjoy.

Couple getting married at Opal 28 in Portland, OregonCouple getting married at Opal 28 in Portland, OregonLindsey and Dave chose Opal 28 to get married and were surrounded by twinkling lights, wine, friends, and family. Salem, Oregon wedding photographer captured every detail to make sure their wedding and their memories were preserved.

Politely reminding your loved ones, and yourself that this is your show and you will most gladly do it your own way- does not make you a Bridezilla. Lovingly hugging your mother and declining her bridal party gown suggestion, is not the end of the world.


Close your eyes, breathe deep and imagine your perfect wedding. That is the vision to follow. This is your day. This is your dream.





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