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Four Bridesmaid Gifts to Make Her Heart Swoon | Salem, Oregon Wedding Photographer

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Salem, Oregon bridesmaid giftSalem, Oregon bridesmaid giftLooking for a fun and unique bridesmaid gift to bestow upon your favorite girls? Look no further as Salem, Oregon wedding photographer gives you four personalized ideas for bridesmaid gifts.

She’s always been there for you, and now is no exception. You just don’t know what you would do without her. Your bridesmaid gift to her has to symbolize just how wacky- crazy, amazingly perfect your friendship has been. Where do you start?


With photographs of course.


Whether you are looking for a pre-wedding sisterhood gift, or a post-wedding Thank You, your search for the most sentimental gifts will inevitably involve the memories that you have built together. Here are a few ideas that will prove to her that she truly is the other half of your heart, your partner in crime, and your truest confidant, no matter who you might be marrying.

A Memory Box- putting your favorite memories together in a memory box is a perfect way to pay tribute to your friendship. Think outside the box, when considering what to put inside the box. Her favorite chap-stick from childhood, pictures of you when you were young, daily love notes that she can open when she needs your words of wisdom, her favorite candy, a gift certificate for the spa you know she wont buy for herself, and images of your special wedding day together. An accomplished wedding photographer will have plenty of images of your pre-partying ways and reception shenanigans, but be sure to take plenty in the days leading up to your wedding too, if possible.

A Photo Blanket- I’ll admit, when blankets first came onto the market, the quality left a little to be desired. They looked ok from a distance, but up close? No thank you. However, as products seem to always do- photo blankets have improved dramatically over the last year, as far as quality is concerned. My favorite are the photo fleece blankets. How could she not love being wrapped up warmly in a collage of images that represent your timeless and devoted friendship?

A Heirloom Quality Locket- Perfect to wear with her bridesmaid gown, lockets can range anywhere from $70 on up into the thousands of dollars, with a large variety for everyone’s taste. Let her know that now, more than ever, your friendship with her is something you treasure, and there’s no boy in the world that will change that.

Personalized Photo Frames- I recently stumbled across personalized bridesmaid frames on There are so many adorable, artistic and customized frames on there! Why just settle for a thank you note, when you can send a framed image of you together on your special day? Sweet! Gifts that are personalized, with photos that will always remind her of the magic, are worth their weight in gold.

Salem Oregon weddingSalem Oregon weddingWedding held at the Castaway in Portland, Oregon. Photographs taken by Salem, Oregon wedding photographer serendipity photography.

You would think that as a wedding photographer here in Salem, Oregon that I would have seen it all- but I am constantly surprised at the whimsical, memorable, and high quality gifts that my brides find for their sisterhood. The best part of my job comes when I see a bride’s sheer joy at the memories I’ve captured of her most special day, spent with the women she loves most.






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