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A letter to my son's future wife | I haven't met you, but I pray for you | Salem, Oregon

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My son may not be of an age to even consider marriage, but as his mom I think about his future wife often. I may be a little weird, okay a lot weird, but I wonder what she'll be like. I wonder what her life is like right now in this moment. Was it she who was swinging on the swings at the local park a week ago giggling while her legs pumped her higher and higher? Was she the one giving me the shy grin from between the clothing racks at the local mall?

Little one, wherever you are, I hope you feel loved. I hope you know how much you are wanted. I can't wait to meet you.

Two years ago I wrote a letter to my future daughter in law; I want to give this letter to her on the day that she and my son get married. On a day that is so special I want her to know just how special SHE is. I want her to know that she was thought of and prayed for long before she ever became a thought to my son.

Salem, Oregon wedding photographerBoy on white backgroundSalem, Oregon wedding photographer letter to my future daughter in law


To my future daughter in law:

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Life is precious, moments are fleeting, and written words are powerful. Today, the day I give you this letter, is the day you will marry my son, your life partner and best friend. I wanted to give this to you on such a special day because I want you to know just how special YOU are. You see from the time David was conceived I loved him and wanted him. I wanted nothing but the world for him. When he was born and as he grew that love only increased.

Without you knowing it, you have played an integral part in helping me raise him. Yes, you. I often thought about the woman David would grow up to marry. What her morals and views on the world were, what she look like, and where she was from. I prayed for you and asked God to help me raise my son to be a partner who would cherish his wife and love her as Christ loved us.

Often I would pray that God would give you the strength to stand up for what you believed to be right even if it was an unpopular stance to take, for you to have an empathetic heart that wanted to protect the innocent and shield the broken, for patience and understanding, a level head, slow to anger and quick to forgive, someone who together with my son would make this world a better place.

Here as I write this letter it seems that this day is so far away. David is outside, not long ago turned eight, armored up in his helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads as he tries out new moves on his skateboard. I'm positive he hasn't given you or the idea of marriage any thought and that right now the most important thing to him is perfecting his "ollie." However, I know that he will soon begin to become interested in the idea of you. He'll soon be going to high school, attending Winter Formal and Prom and meeting you somewhere along his journey whether it be sooner or later in his life.

As you both say your vows today know that I have a few of my own for you.

I promise to love you unconditionally as my son chose you. You are the one he has decided to spend the rest of his life with and because of that I choose to love you.
I promise that when things get difficult that God will always be a whisper or scripture verse away. Lean onto him and not your own understanding and He will guide you.
I promise you that there will be days that you become irritated and frustrated with David. Remember this day, your wedding day, and why you chose him. Remember the love you felt today and hold onto that.
I promise to know my place. My place as David's mother not his spouse. You will now forever be first in my son's life. I will respect and honor that place you hold.

And finally,

I promise to continually pray for you. Just as you have been in my prayers for the past however many years you will continue to be in my prayers.

May this day, your wedding day, be everything you've ever dreamed it to be. I've loved you before I knew you and will forever love you.


Your Mother in Law


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