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This is me. A little bit country & a little bit city.

Born in 1981, I welcomed all life had to offer me at a young age. My family didn't have the luxury of electricity or phone until I was eight and this often led to my imagination working overtime. I was a tomboy and was often with the boys catching lizards and grossing out my sisters by hanging them from my ears.

I'm excited to get to know you so I thought I'd break the ice first. A few interesting facts & possibly quirky things about me.


  1. I've lived in Germany for three years. Loved every minute of it & if you haven't been, you must.
  2. I'm a wanderlust; I love to travel. I've been to 17 countries- Greenland, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Luxemburg, Scotland, Netherlands, France, Malta, England, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, and the Dominican Republic.
  3. I've been skydiving & have swam with the sharks. You may say I've got a bit of an adventurous spirit.
  4. My music tastes are broad. I enjoy Classical, Jazz, Country, Pop. You name it- anything but the heavy metal, can't hear what you are talking about music.
    I grew up listening to Neil Diamond, John Denver, Kansas, Journey, and the likes. Still enjoy each of them.
  5. I love to read. I can read a book from cover to cover in a matter of hours. Yes, that's around a 400 page book. True crime and mystery are my favorites. James Patterson is my favorite author.
  6. I enjoy all types of food- Mexican, Italian, Greek, Thai, American, Chinese; they are all delicious.
  7. Spiders do not scare me; neither do snakes. However, cockroaches are a different story. Those scary little things will live through anything.
  8. I have five children. Two are biologically mine and three are my step-children. They range in ages from 21 down to 10.
  9. I love with all I have, laugh often, and embrace all that life has to offer. You are only given one life and living it to its fullest is my mission.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit. I look forward to getting to know you!