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June 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again but each time hoping for a different outcome.
America it's time to wake up.


My heart is heavy again. So soon. I'm tired of the sad news flashes covering my internet feed and television. I'm a supporter of the Second Amendment. I am not a supporter of guns getting into the hands of cruel individuals, these individuals using them as a tool to amass chaos and brutality.
The number of times the Orlando shooter, I won't mention him by name as I don't want him to be immortalized, was investigated by the FBI for possible extremist activities. We as Americans, are left questioning how, and rightfully so, was this man able to obtain a gun and obtain it rather easily. The fact that he was a security guard should have no relevance. He was on a no fly list, investigated twice. To be able to obtain multiple weapons is boggling.
The number of weeks it took for the Orlando shooter to gain access to AR-15 MSR rifles and then carry out his bloody massacre.

We are at war. A war against senseless acts of violence with the weapon of choice being a firearm. It's time to band together and create a solution so this doesn't happen again. Don't take away our guns, but instead, enact stricter policies, stricter background checks, and close the loopholes. Teach your children that people's lives matter- they have value. All people, all religions, all nationalities, we all bleed red. When you put a value on something you won't bring harm to her/him/it. It is only after these things are done that this terrible thing won't happen again.

It is true that a gun no more kills someone than a fork makes a person gain weight. However, a tool that takes the life from someone should and ought to be regulated more carefully especially if the regulations and policies in place aren't working.
America let's stop the insanity.

I support OrlandoI support OrlandoStop the insanity America and come together to find a solution on an obvious problem. Salem, OR wedding photographer gets personal with her feelings on the Orlando shooting tragedy.



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